Fifth Grade Links

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Health Links for 5th Grade

  1. Fifth Grade LinksBAM:  Body and Mind.  Got a question about fitness, disease, or peer pressure? 
  2. Breakfast Detective.  The clues are right here.  Can you meet the challenge?
  3. Children With Diabetes.  An online community for kids, families, and people with diabetes.
  4. Diseases Explained.  Turning waiting rooms into classrooms.
  5. FDA Kids Homepage.  A site by the Food and Drug Administration - eat healthy and be active for a healthy future.
  6. Food Safety at Home, School and When Eating Out.   An Activity Book for You to Color (.pdf).
  7. Food Safety Coloring Books.  Food Safety at Home, School and When Eating Out (.pdf).
  8. Hazard House Chooose one of the 4 options and get ready to meet the hazards.
  9. Health & Life Skills Courses.  From Boys & Girls Club of America, here's a collection of links for various health topics.
  10. How the Body Works.   This interactive page is kid-friendly and informative
  11. Human Body for Kids.   Here's a large collection of online games to teach kids about the human body.
  12. Human Body, Human Body Information, Facts, News, Photos (National Geographic).  Great resources for health and biology lessons.
  13. It's My Life:  PBS.  This site deals with (you guessed it!) life and the stuff that we deal with every day.
  14. KidsHealth.  A popular online site, from the health experts from Nemours.
  15. KidZone.  The world's leading website on learning disabilities and ADHD.
  16. Learn About Chemicals Around Your House.  Title says it all, from the EPA.
  17. Make-a-Shake Game (Fuel Up to Play).  You can make your own virtual milk shake, print your recipe and then try it at home in your own kitchen.
  18. Neuroscience for Kids.  This site was created to help kids and teachers learn about the nervous system.
  19. Nutrition Quizzes.  Large collection of links here -- check out what you know!
  20. Seeing Disabilities from a Different Perspective.  (Through Your Childre's Eyes)  This site offers a new way of looking at disABILITIES, focusing not on the disability, but on the ability.
  21. Sunguard Man Online.  Learn ways to protect your skin and stay healthy all year long. Play video games! Watch the Adventures of SunGuard Man! Have fun!
  22. Teach Nutrition:  Kids Corner.  Have fun learning about safe and healthy eating.
  23. Test Your Nutrition Knowledge  This is a short self-scoring interactive self-check.
  24. Understanding Food Labels  Nice site by PBS. It features the option to print this out as a hard-copy instead of reading online.
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Language Arts Links for 5th Grade

  1. 5th Grade Language Arts Skill Building Links (Internet4Classrooms).  Many outstanding links from one of the best Internet directories for kids.
  2. 5th Grade Writing Links.  A comprehensive set of student links for writing -- very large set of online resources.
  3. Ace Detectives.  Join four teenagers from Australia as they solve mysteries around the world.
  4. Author's Purpose
    1. Audience and Purpose
    2. Author's Purpose
    3. Author's Purpose and Point of View (Pre Test)
    4. Author's Purpose and Point of View (Pre Test)
    5. Identifying Author's Purpose
    6. Point of View Quiz
  5. Bibliography (free online citations)
    1. BibMe
    2. Cite This For Me
    3. Citation Machine
    4. CiteFast
    5. EasyBib
    6. OttoBib(cite automatically from ISBN)
    7. RefMe(cite automatically from ISBN)
    8. WorkCited4U
  6. Book Adventure:  Find a Book.  If you're not sure what book you're looking for, we can help you find a book that's right for you.
  7. Capitalization & Punctuation
    1. Commas
      1. Commas in Quotations
      2. Quiz on Comma Usage
      3. Using Commas with Coordinating Conjunctions
      4. Using Commas with Introductory Phrases
      5. Welcome to Commas:  Fill in the Blanks
    2. Identifying Punctuation Errors
    3. PowerProofreading
    4. Proofreading Makes Perfect
    5. Punctuation Checker, Free Online Help!
    6. Quotation marks and Commas
  8. Cause/Effect
    1. Cause and Effect
    2. Cause and Effect Book list
    3. Cause and Effect Links (Internet4Classroom)
    4. Cause and Effect:  Quia Quiz
  9. Comic Stips
    1. Comic Creator:  ReadWriteThink
    2. Make Beliefs Comix
  10. Database of Award-Winning Children's Literature.  The purpose of this database is to create a tailored reading list of quality children's literature or to find out if a book has won one of the indexed awards.
  11. English Zone.  One of the best comprehensive English language sites on the web -- it's all here.
  12. Essay Punch.  This site presents the process of writing an essay.
  13. Finding New Ways to Say Things.  This site presents the process of writing an essay.
  14. Funny Fill-Ins.  Create a fun story by filling in the form and letting the computer do the rest.
  15. Graphic Organizers
    1. Concept Maps Explained
    2. Concept Maps:  4 types
    3. Five main types of organizers
    4. Graphic Organizers:  Downloadable/Printable Templates (EdHelper, [.pdf])
    5. Graphic Organizers:(  WriteDesign)
    6. Graphic Organizers from Education Place
    7. Index of Graphic Organizers
    8. Instructions on how to use Excel to create a graphic organizer
    9. Use Excel to make a Venn Diagram (.xls file)
  16. Grammar
    1. Nouns:  Abstract or Concrete
    2. Grammar Gorillas:  Nouns and Verbs
    3. Grammar Gorillas:  All Parts of Speech
    4. Grammar Blast
    5. Is this sentence correct?
    6. Parts of Speech
    7. Punctuation Paintball
  17. Language Skill Builders.  Interactive sites recommended by Internet4Classrooms.
  18. Paragraph Writing
    1. How To Write Good Story Leads (
    2. Paragraph Punch
    3. Paragraph Writing Links (Internet4Classrooms)
    4. Put the sentences in the Correct Sequence for a Paragraph
    5. Topic Paragraph Worksheets
  19. Poetry
    1. Forms of Poetry
    2. Poetry Splatter
    3. Rhyme Generator
    4. RhymeZone Rhyming Dictionary
    5. Poetry4Kids
    6. Writing with Writers:  Poetry
  20. Poetry Generators
    1. Autobiographical
    2. Biographical
    3. General Poems (From ThinkZone)
    4. Halloween
    5. Holidays
    6. "I am a..."
    7. "If I were president..."
    8. Interactive Shape
    9. Letter Poem
    10. Make a Poem
    11. Mothers Day
    12. My Monster
    13. General Poems (Select a Theme)
    14. Thanksgiving
    15. When I am 100 years old...
  21. Proofreading Makes Perfect
  22. Popular Fifth Grade Books.  GoodReads is a great web resource for readers of any age. You can find book suggestions and reviews by readers just like yourself.
  23. Reading Understanding
    1. Dr. Garfield Reading
    2. Teaching Inferences Worksheets
    3. How are They Selling It?
    4. Inference Battleship
    5. Inference Riddle Game
    6. Main Idea Tutorial
    7. Make a Long Story Short:   Summarize
    8. Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions
    9. Practice Making Inferences
    10. Reading Comprehension Links (Internet4Classrooms)
    11. Reading Exercise Worksheets (Printables)
    12. Stated Information:  Elephants
    13. Stated Information:  Dolphins
    14. Teaching Students to Make Inferences
    15. Understanding What You Read
    16. What is an Inference
  24. Root Words, Suffixes, Prefixes
    1. Fish Tanks. (prefixes, roots, and suffixes)
    2. Prefix and Suffix Games
    3. Prefixes
    4. Roots and Their Families I
    5. Roots and Their Families:  II
    6. Rooting Out Words
    7. Space Station Word Division Game
    8. Suffixes
    9. Suffix-ly
    10. What Makes a Compound Word?
    11. What's a Root:  I
    12. What's a Root:  II
  25. Select List of Literary Genres (From this webmaster)
  26. Sentence Structure
    1. Making Sentences
    2. Parts of a Sentence
    3. Sentence Games
    4. Sentence Games (ESL Games+)
    5. Sentence Games (Sentence Play)
    6. Sentence Structure
    7. Sentence Structure (Harcourt Schools)
    8. Sentence Sort
    9. Sentence Types
  27. Spelling
    1. Online Spelling Quizzes
    2. Robo Bee (Merriam-Webster)
    3. Space Hangman with Alpha the Alien
    4. Spelling Bee:  Fifth Grade
    5. Spell Check Game
    6. Spellaroo
    7. Spelling Wizard
  28. Story Elements
    1. Characters
    2. Literary Elements
    3. Settings
  29. Tell-a-Story Storybuilder.  Create a story using this interactive tool.
  30. Verbs
    1. Irregular Verbs:  Jeopardy type game for two players
    2. Linking Verbs
    3. Main Verbs and Helping Verbs Self-Check
    4. Verb Phrases
    5. Verb Zone
  31. Vocabulary
    1. Adjectives/Adverbs
    2. Antonyms/Synonyms
    3. Antonyms  (words with opposite meaning)
    4. Antonym Practice
    5. Squanky the Tooth Taker: The Quiet Quest for Opposites (antonyms)
    6. Squanky the Tooth Taker: Tooth Tally (synonyms)
    7. Synonyms, Antonyms, and Homonyms
    8. Synonym Practice  (words with same meaning)
    9. There, Their, and They're Quiz
    10. Word Matching:  Antonym
    11. Word Matching:  Synonyms
    12. Homophone Game (words sound alike, differs in meaning and may be spelled differently)
    13. Learning Vocabulary GamesFun
    14. Word Central:  Feed the Bigbots (Merriam-Webster)
    15. Word Jungle
  32. What Makes a Good Short Story
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Math Links for 5th Grade

  1. 5th Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders.   From Internet4Classrooms. This is a very comprehensive set of great links.
  2. 5th Grade Math Practice.   Comprehensive set of links to all common fifth grade math skills.
  3. 5th Grade Math Problems
  4. 5th Grade MathSURF
  5. A+ Math.  This web site was developed to help students improve their math skills interactively.
  6. AAA Math:  5th Grade Topics
  7. All About Numbers
    1. Crack the Code
    2. Decimal Order
    3. Genius Boxing
    1. Order of Operations
    2. Order of Operations Practice
    3. Place Value
    4. Place Value (lessons & Games)
    5. Place Value Pirates
    6. Place Value Test
    7. Positive & Negative Numbers
      1. Flashcards with Negative Numbers
      2. Positive and Negative Numbers
      3. Adding and Subtracting Positive and Negative Numbers
      4. Multiplying Positive and Negative Numbers
      5. Dividing Positive and Negative Numbers
  8. Read, Recognize, Spell Numbers.  Select format (spelling numeral or writing the digits) and select top value to give students practice in writing and reading numbers.
  9. Understanding Ratios
  10. Computation, Operations
    1. Build a Bug Computation)
    2. Divisibility
    3. Division Lesson
    4. Drag and Drop Math (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, & Division)
    5. Late Delivery (Find of expressions)
    6. Leon's Math Dojo (Fun computation games)
    7. Math Magician
    8. Math Virtual Flashcards
    9. Mental Machine (Mental arithmetic)
    10. Mental Arithmetic Drills
    11. Multiplication Grid (Hidden picture)
    12. Multiplication Hidden Picture
    13. Multiplying Decimals and Whole Numbers
    14. Product Game
    15. QuickFlash
    16. Speed Math
    17. Tic-tac-toe Squares (Multiply whole numbers)
    18. Two-step Computation.  Multiply & add)
  11. Data
    1. Area Graph
    2. Bar Graph
    3. Billy Bug (x/y plots)
    4. Circle Graph
    5. How to Choose a Graph Type
    6. Create a Graph
      1. Area Graph
      2. Bar Graph
      3. Line Graph
      4. Pie Graph
      5. X/Y Graph
    7. Data Pick  (Ask questions, collect data, tally and then select graph to depict data)
    8. Mode, Mean, Median
    9. Pie Chart
    10. Planet Hop (x/y plots)
    11. Reading a Grid 
    12. Stem and Leaf Plotter  
    13. What's the Point?  (x-y plots)
    14. What Percentage Has Been Shaded
  12. Factoring
    1. Factor Games
    2. Factorize
    3. Finding Factors with Area Models Lesson
    4. PrimOMatic (Prime numbers)
    5. Product Game (Factors & multiplication)
  13. Fraction
    1. Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, Dividing Fractions
    2. Fractions:  Addition and Subtraction
    3. Fraction Bars
    4. Fraction Game
    5. Fraction Workshop
    6. Fractions.  Find the missing fraction to make the flower whole.
    7. Fractotron.  Decide if fractions are equal, more or less than the other. Must be fast!
    8. Improper Fraction Game (Mathman)
    9. Shade (Shade figure to match fraction)
    10. Simple Fractions
    11. Tony's Fraction Pizza Shop
    12. Visual Fractions
  14. Function Machine.  Students investigate very simple functions by trying to guess the algebraic form from inputs (x) and outputs (y).
  15. Geometry/Symmetry
    1. Angles
    2. Congruent Triangles
    3. General Coordinates Game. Cartesian coordinate system).
    4. Identify Geometric Shapes (Hidden picture)
    5. Line Symmetry (Line of reflection)
    6. Maze Game (Coordinate system)
    7. Reflective Symmetry
    8. Simple Coordinates Game (x & y)
    9. Simple Maze Game (x and y coordinates)
    10. Line Symmetry.
    11. Triangle Explorer
  16. Math Cats.  A great set math of resources for kids that makes learning fun.
  17. Math Frog.  Looking for fun resources and games, be sure to check with the frog.
  18. Math Mayhem.  Are you ready to put your math skills to the ultimate challenge? Here is your chance to compete head-to-head in our exciting, fast-paced, multi-player arena.
  19. Math Playground.  an action-packed site for elementary and middle school students. Practice your math skills, play a logic game and have some fun!
  20. Math Skill Builders.  Fun interactive sites recommended by Internet4Classrooms.
  21. Measurement 
    1. Area and Perimeter
    2. Area Explorer
    3. Comparison Estimator
    4. Estimator
    5. Finding the Area and Perimeter of Rectangles and Squares
    6. How Many Pearls (Estimation)
    7. Measure it
    8. Measurement Chart (Examples of common measurement units)
    9. More or Less Estimator
    10. Perimeter Explorer
    11. Shape Explorer
    12. Distance, Speed, and Time Relationships Using Simulation Software.
    13. Units of Mass
  22. Math Fun Facts.  You will find a lot of information here and it is all fun to review.
  23. Mystery Operations.  Explore various numerical patterns by identifying a "mystery operation" presented by the activity.
  24. Power Lines 1
  25. Nelson Education:  Mathematics 5.  This is the Student section - lots of fun resources.  There are also links for parents and teachers.
  26. Story Problems
    1. Problem-Solving.  Many online tasks covering all operations with hints and answers provided.
    2. Word Problems:  Addition and Subtraction
    3. Word Problems:  Multiplication and Division
    4. Word Problems:  Quia
    5. Word Problems for Kids.  Pick your grade level and start solving problems!
    6. Word Problems with Leon - Interactive math word problems. Watch the movie and solve the problems.
  27. SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator.  Select the type of problem, the maximum and minimum numbers to be used in the problems, then click on the button!
  28. Virtual Manipulative (Glencoe).  Learning mathematics requires student engagement. Use pull-down menus for grade level, background, and manipulative.
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Science Links for 5th Grade

  1. Earth and Weather Systems
    1. Extreme Weather Videos (CBC)
    2. How Does the Thermometer Work?
    3. Kidcaster Weather Diary(downloadable, printable .pdf)
    4. Make a Thermometer
    5. Make Your Own Barometer
    6. Make Your Own Compass
    7. Make Your Own Rain Gauge
    8. Make Your Own Weather Vane
    9. Stormchasers:  Weather Facts and Events
    10. Weather
    11. Weather Experiments (Whiz Kids)
    12. Weather Facts for Kids
    13. Weather Games
    14. Weather Watch:  Scholastic
    15. Weather:  What Forces Affect Our Weather?
    16. W hat is Weather?
  2. Energy and Conservation
    1. Carbon footprint Calculator for Kids
    2. Consumer Tips to Save Energy & Money
    3. EcoKids
    4. Energy Hog Busters training Camp
    5. Energy Kids
    6. Energy Quest
    7. Energy Quiz
    8. Energy Saver
    9. Energy Sources (Kids Korner)
    10. Renewable Energy
    11. Zero Footprint Youth Calculator for Kids
  3. Forces in Motion.  Three sets of linke:  Forces, Motion, and Friction; Gravity and Magnetism; Newton's First Law of Motion.
  4. Body Systems:
    1. Circulatory System
    2. Digestive System
    3. Endocrine System
    4. Excretory System
    5. Muscular System
    6. Nervous System
    7. Respiratory System
    8. Skeletal System
  5. Human Anatomy Online.  Clickable maps of the human body.
  6. KidsHealth:  How the Body Works
  7. Matter and Materials
    1. Matter Match
    2. Matter Matching
    3. Matter:  Chem4Kids
    4. Matter Games:  What are the Building Blocks of the Universe
    5. Matter in Motion Vocabulary
    6. Matter is the Stuff Around You
    7. Measuring Matter:  Dr. T
    8. Phases of Matter:  Molecule Chamber
    9. States of Matter:  Harcourt Schools Publishers
    10. States of Matter Millionaire Game
    11. What is Matter
  8. Planets & Universe
    1. Asteroid Facts for Kids(BBC)
    2. Asteroids:  NASA
    3. Comets, Meteors and Asteroids
    4. Index to Eclipse and Astronomy Photographs
    5. Meteor Showers
    6. Meteor Showers Calendar
    7. Asteroids & Meteoroids
    8. BBC Space
    9. Eclipse and Astronomy Photographs
    10. Hubble Space Telescope
    11. Kids Astronomy
    12. NASA Kid's Club
    13. Planet Quest
    14. Sky Maps:  Downloadable, Printable Charts & Maps of the Sky
    15. Space Animations
    16. Watch the Planets Orbit
  9. Science Glossary:  First Grade.  This site presents an image illustrating the term, and correct pronunciation of the term.
  10. Science News for Students.  Great site, see why how science affects our daily lives.
  11. Structures and Mechanisms
    1. Build a Bridge.  You're a Civil Engineer
    2. Build Your Own Roller Coaster
    3. Building Big:  Bridges, Domes, Skyscrapers, Dams, Tunnels
    4. Fun & Learning About Bridges
    5. High Rise Page:  Tallest Buildings in the World
    6. How Bridges Work
    7. Stuctures:  Building Activities for Kids
  12. Virtual Body:  Both English & Spanish
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Social Studies Links for 5th Grade

  1. America:  History, Culture, Government
    1. 50 States
    2. 50 States:  Fact Monster
    3. America on the Move (Transportation)
    4. America's Story
    5. Color Landforms Atlas of the United States
    6. Homepages of the United States
    7. Lizzie's Morning (Archived Xpeditions Activity)
    8. McDonald's in Hong Kong (Adapting American Culture)
    9. State Reports:  Class Brains (Information on all 50 states)
    10. Stately Knowledge:  Facts about the United States (Archive)
    11. US Honors It's Veterans of War
      1. Memorial Day Facts for Kids
      2. Memorial Day Links & Activities (Internet4Classrooms)
      3. Veterans Day & Links & Activities (Internet4Classrooms)
      4. Veterans Day Facts for Kids
      5. Veterans Day & Memorial Day
      6. U.S. Memorial Day History and Information on War Memorials
    12. US Naval Observatory Master Clock Time
    13. U.S. States Games Capitals, States, Landscapess)
  2. Climate and Change
    1. ClimateKids (NASA)
    2. Global Climate Global Change Indicators
    3. Student's Guide to Climate Change
    4. Your Cool Facts & Tips on Climate Change
  3. Conflict Resolution
    1. 5th Grade Conflict Resolution Resources (Internet4Classroom)
    2. 5th Grade Conflict/Solution Resources (Internet4Classroom)
    3. Conflict Resolution for Kids
    4. Conflict Resolution Information
    5. Conflict Resolutions:   Audio Interviews
  4. Constitution for Kids
  5. Early Civilizations
    1. Early Civilication (Interactives (BBC)
    2. Ancient Egypt
      1. 5th Grade Ancient Egypt Links
      2. Ancient Egypt
      3. Ancient Egypt:  Science & Technology
      4. Ancient Egypt Interactive Timeline
      5. Build-A-Pyramis with Sugar Cubes
      6. Day in the Life of Ancient Egypt
      7. Daily Life:  Ancient Egypt
      8. Explore a Pyramid
      9. Fling the Teacher Game:  Ancient Egypt
      10. Mummy Maker
      11. The Pyramids:  3D Virtual Tour
      12. You Wouldn't Want to be an Egyption Mummy
    3. Ancient Greece
      1. Ancient Greece:  The Olympics
      2. Ancient Greece:  The Olympics
      3. Ancient Greek Olympics Games for Kids
      4. Day in the Life:  Ancient Greece
      5. Discover Ancient Greece
      6. Matching the Dates Quiz
      7. What Do You Know About Antient Greece?
      8. Who Were the Ancient Greeks?
    4. Ancient Rome
      1. Introduction to Ancient Rome
      2. Claudius and the Conquest of Britain
      3. Fling the Teacher Game:  Ancient Rome
      4. Maps of Ancient Rome
      5. Roman Empire
      6. The Romans
      7. You Wouldn't Want to be a Roman Gladiator
    5. Collapse:  Why Do Civilizations Fall?
    6. Mayan Calendar
    7. Vikings
  6. Economics
    1. 5th Grade Economic Links (Internet4Classrooms)
    2. Basic Economics for Kids
    3. Basic Economics:  The Stock Market for Kids (Part 1)
    4. Basic Economics:  The Stock Market for Kids (Part 2)
    5. Be Your Own Boss Challenge
    6. Colonial Economy from 1600-1750
    7. Economic Interatives (Adventures of CyberBee)
    8. Economic Interatives (
    9. H.I.P. Pocket Change:  US Mint for Kids
    10. How Banks Work Challenge
    11. Lemonade Game:  A Business Simulation
    12. Managing Money & Saving (PBS Kids)
    13. Opportunity Cost of a Lifetime
    14. Social Studies for Kids:  Economics
    15. Stock Market (Kids Konnect)
    16. The Mint: Fun Financial Literacy Activities for Kids, Teens, Parents and Teachers
    17. Time Value of Money
  7. Explorers
    1. 5th Grade Exploration Links & Resources
    2. 5th Grade Explorers Links & Resources
    3. Christopher Columbus Walk the Plank Game
    4. Exploration & Trade
    5. Explorers (Enchanted Learning)
    6. Explorers - A to Z
    7. Go West Across America with Lewis & Clark (Marco Polo)
    8. Lewis & Clark for Kids (National Geographic)
    9. Lewis & Clark (National Geographic)
    10. Lewis & Clark Expedition (National Geographic)
    11. Lewis & Clark Expedition You're on the Expidition of the Century!
    12. Viking Quest (BBC)
  8. Geography
    1. Africa
      1. Africa 
      2. Kids Africa
      3. Africa Focus
      4. K-12 African Links
    2. Amazon Interactive
    3. Antarctic Ice Shelves and Icebergs
    4. Around the World: Countries  (from Yahooligans)
    5. Arctic Theme Page
    6. Canada for Kids
    7. Canadian Geographic
    8. Countries at a Glance
    9. Countries of the World
    10. Country Studies
    11. Flags of All Countries
    12. Geographia 
    13. Geography4Kids
    14. Geography World
    15. Globalstat
    16. Governments on the Web
    17. NationMaster
    18. Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
    19. South Pole Adventure
    20. Terraserver (Satellite images of earth)
    21. World City Maps
    22. World Culture Activities (
    23. World Culture Activities for Kids 
  9. Government & Civics
    1. America's Historical Documents
    2. Constitution
      1. Constitution for Kids
      2. Constitution of the United States
      3. Constitution:  The Work Begins (Travel back in history)
    3. Bill of Rights
    4. Declaration of Independence, Part I
    5. Declaration of Independence, Part II
    6. Free Speech
      1. Civil Rights & the First Amendment
      2. First Amendment 101:  Interactive Self-Check
      3. First Amendment in Schools:  A Resource Guide
      4. Free Speech
      5. What’s It All About? An Introduction to the First Amendment.
    7. Rights Granted by the 13th, 14th, 15th and 19th Amendments
      1. 13th Amendment:   Slavery And Involuntary Servitude
      2. 14th Amendment:  Definition of Citizenship
      3. 15th Amendment:  Voting
      4. 19th Amendment:  Women's Right to Vote
      5. Overview of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendment:  Reconstruction
    8. State Legislatures, State Laws and State Regulations
    9. US Federal Government
      1. Branches of the U.S. Government
      2. Branches of the U.S. Government for Kids
      3. A-Z Index of U.S. Government Departments and Agencies
      4. Executive Branch
      5. Judicial Branch
      6. Legislative Branch
    10. US Local Governments
    11. US State Government
    12. US Tribal Government
  10. Inventors & Inventions
    1. African American Inventors
    2. American Inventors
    3. Hispanic Inventors
    4. Inventions & Discovery Guide
    5. Inventors (Cybersleuth Kids)
    6. Inventors and Inventions (Enchanted Learning)
    7. Inventor Biography
    8. Inventors & Inventions for K-12 Education
    9. Native American Inventions
    10. Women Inventors
  11. Multicultural America by Mr Breitsprecher Presents:
    1. African American History
      1. Coretta Scott King
      2. Dr. Martin Luther King Junior
      3. The Children's March:  Birmingham Alabama (Special thanks Club TNT)
    2. American Indian Heritage
    3. Asian Pacific American Heritage
    4. Hispanic Heritage
    5. Women's History
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