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General Links for 1st Grade

  1. 1st Grade Learning Games (PBS).  A very large collection of interactive companions for common school subjects and PBS programming.
  2. 1st Grade Links.  A large set of interactive links that kids will love and that teach typical first grade curriculum.
  3. Alphabetize Colors.  Practice your ABCs while you show-off your knowledge of shapes.
  4. Alphabetize Shapes.  Practice your ABCs while you show-off your knowledge of colors.
  5. Boople's Colors. Click on the objects that match the color.
  6. Color Factory.  Listen to your directions, mix your color, and then paint the animal.
  7. Color Mixer.  Click on the colors you want to begin with and then the middle COLOR MIXER to make new colors.
  8. Construct It.  You're given a large shape that you must fill completely with the smaller shapes
  9. Coloring Game.  Have fun choosing your colors and making a painting.
  10. Curious George Hat Grab.  Help collect hats.  Listen to the directions and grab the colored hats.
  11. Grade 1 Central.  Wonderful site that is full of resources.  Its the place to find lesson plans, teaching ideas and resources for the Grade One curriculum.
  12. Lil' Finger Painting.  Dip your finger in a color and create a picture.
  13. Learning Planet Games.  Fun interactives for first-through-third grade.
  14. Homework Helper (BJ Pinchbeck)  More than 700 links to educational sites appropriate for K-12 homework help. Topics include health, art, music, math, and English and more.
  15. Homework Helper (  Here's a comprehensive set of resources for elementary, middle, high schools, and even college students.
  16. Kidspiration Templates for Grades K-5.  Kidspiration is a wonderful tool. It is a unique type of software that helps teachers integrate technology into their curricula with the use of graphic organizers such as concept maps, idea maps, and webs
  17. Learning Planet:  Grades 1-3.  Great site with links for number, ABC, memory, time skills, and MORE!
  18. Magical Shape Hunt.  Help find the different shaped jewelry with your mouse and then count them.
  19. Make Brushing Fun with Your Favorite Friends (Colgate).  Brushing your teeth has never been more fun!
  20. Organize Animals by Size.  Click and drag on the animals below to move them around the page.  Rearrange to compare sizes (Big, bigger, biggest / Small smaller, smallest.
  21. Spatial Concepts:  Moveable Animals.  Click and drag on the animals below to move them around the page. 
  22. Purpy's Shapes.  This little guy loves shapes and sees them everywhere. Help him find his favorite shapes.
  23. Shape Invasion.  Move the Shapelins under the matching shape. Click a Shapeling to “select” them, then click another and they will swap places.
  24. Websites for First Graders.  Web pages for Grade 1 students, featuring links for Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts.
  25. Which shape Is....  Listen to the directions and click on the shape as they are called out.


Language & Reading Links for 1st Grade

  1. ABC Interactive Games.  Here's a school library's director of first grade alphabet game links
  2. Activities for ESL Students.  Students choose the type of clothes, hair and skin color that they want their character to have and then type on the notepad a sentence about that character.
  3. Alphabet Writing Pad.  Kids will love this change of pace - practice writing with a virtual pencil and piece of paper.  When finished, you can print what you did!  Not only can this be a great teaching tool for writing, but it also helps develop hand-eye coordination and mouse skills.
  4. Book Reviews for First Grade.  This site presents some good picture books and links for discussion topics, activities, related books and links to other subjects and resources.
  5. Bright Ideas for Writing.  Fun site - click on the links for GRADES 1-2.
  6. Characters:  Writing.  Students choose the type of clothes, hair and skin color that they want their character to have and then type on the notepad a sentence about that character.
  7. Construct-A-Word.  Generate dozens of different words by first choosing an ending and then adding a beginning letter or blend.
  8. Database of Award-Winning Children's Literature.  The purpose of this database is to create a tailored reading list of quality children's literature or to find out if a book has won one of the indexed awards.
  9. Drag the Word Games Antonyms and Homonyms.  Each of these 2 links lets students apply how we use words.
  10. Fun with Letters  There's a variety of fun learning links here.
  11. First Grade Language Arts Skill Builders  This site has a variety of language skills, all sorted by curriculum standards.
  12. Grandview Library First Grade.  This is the blog for the Grandview Library Program and features some great PODCASTS on books. 
  13. It's Fun to Read Magic!  Students learn phonic skills and rhyming while creating a magician and 2 magic tricks.
  14. Learn to Read.  Children can learn to read here while playing this online phonetic game.
  15. Learn to Read at Starfall.  Primarily designed for first grade, is also useful for pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and second grade.
  16. Library Skills Links.  From MiKids - more than 30 interactive resources to review information and technology literacy skills with children. 
  17. Mrs. Alphabet's Learning Links.  Mrs. Alphabet, Anne Lynch, is the author and creator of children's books, certificates, learning tools, and updated educational materials to assist children in early learning and successful progress in alphabet recognition, phonics, beginning reading, math, and more.
  18. Poem Generators
    1. Poem Generator (Autobiographical)
    2. Poem Generator (Biographical)
    3. Poem Generator (Halloween")
    4. Poem Generator Holidays)
    5. Poem Generator ("I am a...")
    6. Poem Generator ("If I were president...")
    7. Poem Generator (Mothers Day)
    8. Poem Generator (Thanksgiving)
    9. Poem Generator (When I am 100 years old...")
  19. Popular First Grade Books.  A great and regularly update list from GoodReads.
  20. Practice Printing [writing] with Spinner.  Click on the letter, watch the spider draw it, and then you draw it with virtual pencil and paper.
  21. Seussville.  Choose either the "high bandwidth" or "low bandwidth" version of this site and have some fun with everything Dr. Seuss.
  22. Spelling Bee.  There are three levels, compete against yourself and master spelling!
  23. Word Builder.  From Harcourt School Publishers - spelling can be fun! 
  24. Word Match.  From Harcourt School Publishers - spelling can be fun! 
  25. Word Play.  Learn vocabulary by clicking on words and listening to and watching the chosen word animate to show what the word means.


Math Links for 1st Grade

  1. 123 Count on It!  First Grade.  This is a nice collection of math links, more than counting, for first graders.
  2. AAA Math:   First Grade.  Here's a wide range of lessons enables learning or review to occur at each individual's current level.
  3. Are You a Math Magician?  Great collection of interactivites for different math operations - features 2 levels to support different needs.
  4. Comparing Numbers Activities.  Interactive site that reviews more, less, or the same. 
  5. Count Us In:  Addition With the Bus Game.  Students use addition while playing an animated game about putting kids on a school bus - great fun.
  6. Count Us In:  Subtraction at the Bowling Alley.  Bowling is fun and its a great way to learn to subtract.
  7. Count Us In:  Number Sequence.  This site has students help a frog across the pond by clicking on a set of numbers in the right order.
  8. Count Us In:  Ordinal Sequence.  Practice ordinal sequence at the carnival!
  9. Create a Graph.  Sometimes, numbers are best expressed as pictures - charts and graphs.  Here's an easy site to make them.
  10. Cricketweb: Ages 5-7 1 Math Games.  18 Online math games and activities that teach and lets children have fun while they learn.
  11. Estimation of Length. Estimate length by comparing an object to another.
  12. Everyday Mathematics:  Recommended 1st Grade Books.  Here's some reading suggestions along with lesson ideas.
  13. First Grade Math Games (Internet4Classrooms).  There are 58 different gamer links in this comprehensive directory of math games for first graders.
  14. First Grade Intereactive Math Skills (Internet4Classrooms).  Quality links here, interactive math sites sorted by core skills.
  15. First Grade Math Index.  This is a great site, organized so that kids can easily find different topics and online resources.
  16. First Grade Math Games.  Here's a collection of resources that will teach kids math concepts while they are having fun, from Harcourt Publishers.
  17. Learning Coins.  The first step in counting money is to correctly identify and sort coins
  18. Let's Compare.  Let's have fun counting 2 sets of coins and comparing their value, from Harcourt Publishers.
  19. Math Library:  1st Grade.  Here is a large set of links from The Math Forum.  These are great Websites for teaching and reviewing math with kids.
  20. Math Online.  A collection of links to "how to tell time and typical number skills that are taught and reinforced in the first grade.
  21. Math Skills.  Here's a large collection of math links to teach skills (Internet4classroom).
  22. MathSURF:  Grade 1
  23. Measurement Manipulatives.  From National Library of Virtual Manipulatives, here is a set of links to help kids learn different concepts of measurements in a "hands on" way.
  24. Oddball:  Not Every One is the Same.  An interactive site where kids play "one of these things is not like the other."
  25. Symmetry Webquest.  This Webquest introduces students to the concept of symmetry and then provides students with many choices for other great Websites to learn more.
  26. Wash Line.  Students hang the clothes on the line in the correct order.  This game also reviews the concepts of odd and even.
  27. Virtual Manipulatives.  Covers all Topics (NCTM standards for grades Pre-K - 2. From the National Library of Virtual Manipulavites.


Science Links for 1st Grade

  1. Bill Nye the Science Guy.  Here's the official Website for this popular TV series.
  2. Dress for the Weather.  This multi-media interactive sites teaches kids about weather.
  3. IXL Second Grade Science.  Organized by common academic standards, there's 45 game links here.
  4. KidsHealth.  A collection of articles, animations, games and resources to help kids learn more about their bodies and how to stay healthy
  5. Let's Talk About Insects.  An interactive site about insects that features video and multi-media.
  6. Ranger Rick.  A magazine from the NWF for young children.
  7. Roller Coaster Buildersp; This is a balance and motion game.  Students create a roller coaster and then see how it works -- will you have enough energy to complete the loop-the-loop?
  8. Science Games (PrimaryGames).  A large collection covering different topics. There are 2 pages of games here!
  9. Science Games for 1st and 2nd Grades.  Try some of these free science games for grades 1 and 2 featuring PBS KIDS
  10. Science Glossary:  First Grade.  This site presents an image illustrating the term, and correct pronunciation of the term.
  11. Science Websites:  First Grade.  TGreat set of links for typical first grade science curriculum.
  12. Turtle Diary:  Science Games for 1st Grade.  These animated science games teach kids about space, the food chain, the human body, water, and more.
  13. Variation.  Students select and sort different plants and animals by clicking and dragging them into one of 4 groups:  Bird, Insect, Mammal, Plants.
  14. Weather Journal.  This site is designed to let students use a computer to record the weather with an interactive journal.
  15. Web Weather for Kids.  Learn what makes weather wet and wild, do cool activities, and become hot at forecasting the weather.
  16. What's the Weather?.  Cold, hot, warm, cool, what does the temperature mean to you? Come help our bear decide what to wear!


Social Studies Links for 1st Grade

  1. Adventure Island:   Reading Maps.  National Geographic's maps game for children.
  2. All About World Geography.  This activity consists of an interactive tutorial and then 3 levels of games about world geography.
  3. Build a Neighborhood.  Play this game and create neighborhoods by pointing-and-clicking artwork to build different kinds of communities
  4. City Creator.  Choose a city from the selection on the right, and click the corresponding 'build' button to begin.
  5. Compass Skills (Map Skills).  From the BBC. Be sure to select "Within Your Browser" or "Full Screen" and then "Audio or No Audio. Reading a compass is important to get ready to reading maps.
  6. Constitution for Kids.  The law is the set of rules that we live by. The Constitution is the highest law.
  7. Explore the compass rose.  Enjoy this free sample from Compass Learning and explore how a Compass Rose works.
  8. First Grade Social Studies Activities.  The law is the set of rules that we live by. The Constitution is the highest law.
  9. Go, George, Go!.  Learn how to read maps with George.
  10.  Lots of good information and activities for K-5
  11. Landscapes and Mapskills - Practice map skills. Includes scale, grid, and compass skills.
  12. North, South, East, West Treasure Hunt.  Move your boat to get the treasure by clicking on North, South, East, or West.
  13. Puzzled States.  Drag and drop the states, using their shape to guide you, onto the map of the US. You will learn each states name when you correctly place it.
  14. Where Would be Good, Inside or Outside?.  Join the Happy Gang and their 2 games about buildings.
  15. USA Games:  Capitols, States, Landscapes.  Learn about the United States with short tutorials and then games with 3 different skills.
  16. USA Geography - Puzzle Map.  Learn about the United States with short tutorials and then games with 3 different skills.
  17. Use a Compass Rose.  Practice using a compass rose. Click on the forward arrow. What is the first direction the line moves? Where does the line go?
  18. Using Cardinal Directions.  Drive the car to the park. Use the compass. Click "North", "South", "East", or "West" to move the car.


Telling Time Links for 1st Grade

  1. Bang on the Time.  Here's the challenge - read the time in words and stop the clock when it is at the correct time.
  2. Clock Bones.  The Time Dogs are hungry. Make sure they get the right Clock Bone by changing the paths the bones take.
  3. Clock Works.  Help Max and Molly fix the clock to tell the correct time. This game offers three skill levels
  4. Fairy Clock.  This interactive website lets you click to display a fancy clock and then click minutes (bottom of screen) to advance or move-back time.
  5. First Grade Reading Games.  A large collection of games that teach and review almost all reading skills taught in first grade. There are 46 game links here!
  6. Hickorty Dickory Clock.  Feed the mouse some cheese by clicking on the clock that matches the time shown below.
  7. MathPup Time Fetch.  Drag the five digital clock diplays to the correct analog clock fact and stop the clock! What is your best time?
  8. RoboClock 1.  Help RoboClock get through all five levels of this telling time game by selecting the right time
  9. RoboClock 2.  Help RoboClock make time fly. Or at least let him figure out which clock he needs to fly to and capture. Helps practice your time telling skills!
  10. Stop the Clock:  On the Hour & Half Hour.  Drag the five digital clock diplays to the correct analog clock fact and stop the clock! What is your best time?
  11. Stop the Clock:  15-inute intervals.  Drag the five digital clock diplays to the correct analog clock fact and stop the clock! What is your best time?
  12. Stop the Clock:   5-minute intervals;.  Drag the five digital clock diplays to the correct analog clock fact and stop the clock! What is your best time?
  13. Stop the Clock:   1-minute intervals;.  Drag the five digital clock diplays to the correct analog clock fact and stop the clock! What is your best time?
  14. Stop the Clock:   1-minute intervals;.  Drag the five digital clock diplays to the correct analog clock fact and stop the clock!
  15. Telling Time: ESL Lab.  Listen to the time by clicking the "PLAY" link and choose the answer. Press the "Final Score" button at the bottom of the page to score your quiz.
  16. Time Works.  Get started telling time by placing the numbers on a clock's face.
  17. What time is it?  Great site for children just beginning to learn to tell time.
  18. Willy the Watchdog.  Fun game for two players. Set the clock according to the roll of the die.