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Health Links for 4th Grade

  1. Fourth Grade LinksThird to Sixth Grade Health Interactives.  This site has many links, organized by health, safety, nutrition, the human body, mental health, respect, and media.
  2. Breakfast Detective.  The clues are right here.  Can you meet the challenge?
  3. Children With Diabetes.  An online community for kids, families, and people with diabetes.
  4. Health Games.  Nice directory of links here for:  Allergies Body Parts, Dental, and Staying Fit.  All are kid-friendly and fun.
  5. FDA FDA Kids Homepage.  A site by the Food and Drug Administration - eat healthy and be active for a healthy future.
  6. Food Safety at Home, School and When Eating Out (.pdf).   An Activity Book for You to Color.
  7. Food Safety Coloring Books (.pdf).  Food Safety at Home, School and When Eating Out.
  8. Human Body Facts Here's an entire lesson for kids about the human body. It includes a print-guide too.
  9. Human Body, Human Body Information, Facts, News, Photos (National Geographic).  Great resources for health and biology lessons.
  10. KidsHealth.  A popular online site, from the health experts from Nemours.
  11. Make-a-Shake Game (Fuel Up to Play).  You can make your own virtual milk shake, print your recipe and then try it at home in your own kitchen.
  12. Seeing Disabilities from a Different Perspective.  (Through Your Childre's Eyes)  This site offers a new way of looking at disABILITIES, focusing not on the disability, but on the ability.
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Language Arts Links for 4th Grade

  1. Amazing Vocabulary Machine!  Practice adjectives <-> adverbs
  2. Apostrophes.  Are you ready to master this important part of writing?
  3. Biography Writing
    1. Biography Maker
    2. Create a Timeline
    3. Create a Timeline:  Read, Write, Think
    4. Selected Figures from Recent History
    5. Writing With Writers:  Biographies
  4. Book Adventure:  Find a Book.  If you're not sure what book you're looking for, we can help you find a book that's right for you.
  5. Book Reports
    1. Book Report Sandwich Station
    2. Book Report Wizard
    3. How to Write a Book Report
    4. Spaghetti Book Club
    5. Write a Book Review
  6. Bright Ideas for Writing.  Fun site - click on the links for GRADES 3-5.
  7. Children's Story Writing Analysis.  Copy and paste your story into the box below.  Then click on the 'Check Text' button.
  8. Create a Timeline.  An easy to use timeline generator, just fill in the form on this Website.
  9. Create a Timeline:  Read, Write, Think:.  Great resources to graphically illustrate events over time.
  10. Creative Narrative Writing
    1. Comic Creator
    2. Interactive Creative Story Writing for Children
    3. Plot Diagram
    4. Write Your Own Myths, Folktales, and Fairytales
  11. Compare/Contrast Writing
    1. Compare & Contrast Graphic Organizer (.pdf)
    2. Compare & Contrast Guide
    3. Compare & Contrast Webquest
    4. Interactive Venn Diagram
    5. Interactive Venn Diagram:  Read, Write, Think
  12. Database of Award-Winning Children's Literature.  The purpose of this database is to create a tailored reading list of quality children's literature or to find out if a book has won one of the indexed awards.
  13. Descriptive Writing
    1. Descriptive Essays
    2. Writing a Descriptive Paragraph (4th Grade)
    3. Writing with Writers:  Description Writing
  14. Elementary Test Prep Grade 3 Language Arts (New York State). Comprehensive set of lessons and activities.
  15. Evaluation Station.  Stop here to check your writing.  What works?  What doesn't?
  16. Idiom Connection.  The Idiom Connection is a collection of idioms, phrasal verbs and proverbs. These expressions are common expressions in most English speaking countries.
  17. Idiom Zone.  Another great site to look at idioms and how we use them.
  18. Language Skill Builders.  Interactive sites recommended by Internet4Classrooms.
  19. Letter Writing
    1. Interactive Letter Generator
    2. Letters of Felix Voltz, MS 93-021
    3. Writing Friendly Letters (3rd Grade)
    4. Writing Persuasive Letters (3rd Grade)
  20. Graphic Organizers.  Print out one of many different types of graphic organizers.
  21. Homonyms
    1. A Feast of Homonyms
    2. Homonym Madness
    3. Word Confusion
  22. How to Write an Essay.  There are many different kinds of essays, including narrative, descriptive, and persuasive. The following steps, however, can be used to write any kind of essay.
  23. Narrative Writing/Personal Narrative
    1. Narrative Essays
    2. Narrative Writing
    3. Interactive Graphic Map for your Personal Narrative
    4. Personal Narrative Resources
  24. Paragraph Builder.  Here is a comprehensive set of links to help writers create great paragraphs.
  25. Persuasive Writing
    1. Don't Buy It:  Get Media Smart
    2. Persuasive Map
    3. Persuasive Strategies (slideshow)
    4. Persuasive Writing
  26. Poetry
    1. Interactive Shape Poem Generator
    2. Letter Poem Creator
    3. My Monster Poem Generator
    4. Poetry4Kids
    5. Poetry Generator
    6. Poetry Generator:  Make a Poem
    7. Rhyme Genorator
    8. Rhyme Zone Rhyming Dictionary
    9. Writing with Writers:  Poetry
    10. You're a Poet and You Want to Show It
    11. Reading Comprehension Links, Grades 3-5. This is a massive collection of interactive resources to help studnents better-understand what they read.
  27. Popular Fourth Grade Books.  GoodReads is a great web resource for readers of any age. You can find book suggestions and reviews by readers just like yourself.
  28. Research Writing
    1. Hints About Print
    2. Mr. B's Research Seminar.  Let's review this Webmaster's "Take 5" research project.  Special Thanks to Club TNT.
    3. Writing Workshop:  Research
  29. Road to Grammar.  Choose a topic on the left and click START.
  30. Sentence Clubhouse Game.  Join us at "the club" and learn different types sentences.
  31.  A Literacy Site with animated children's books, musical stories, stories written by children.
  32. Skillswise Words.  Fact sheets, worksheets, quizzes and games to help you improve your English. Choose from grammar, spelling, reading, listening, writing and vocabulary.
  33. Spelling
    1. SpellaRoo
    1. Spelling Bee:  Fourth Grade
    2. Spelling Practice
  34. Synonyms and Antonyms
    1. Awesome Antonym Match Up
    2. Synonyms and Antonyms Word Toss Game
    3. Super Synonym Match Up
  35. There, Their and They're Quiz.  Do you have the usage of these words down?  Take this online quiz and see.
  36. Visuwords Online Graphic Dictionary.  Look up words to find their meanings and associations with other words and concepts. Enter words into the search box to look them up or double-click a node to expand the tree.
  37. What Makes a Good Writing Story?  Here's a fun site that reviews what you need to be a great writer.
  38. Writing Instructions.  From BBC, this website has a tutorial and let's you practice technical writing.
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Math Links for 4th Grade

  1. AAA Math:  4th Grade Topics
  2. Ask Dr. Math:  Elementary ArchiveBrowse the questions from kids and Dr. Math's answers
  3. Batter's Up Baseball.  Here's a math game that is played like real Baseball. When the math game starts you will see the visitors score on the screen. Your goal is to beat the visitors score and win the baseball game.
  4. Cool Chances.  What many people refer to as 'good luck' can actually be explained by a little knowledge about probability and statistics. Our dice game allows you to see how increasing or decreasing the number of dice rolls affects an outcome.
  5. Cool Math for Kids.  The name says it all - fun games that teach math.
  6. Crack the Code.  Find the missing number in a series
  7. Drag and Drop Math.  Answer the problems by dragging the digits to their correct locations. Includes:   Draggable Addition, Draggable Subtraction, Draggable Multiplication, and Draggable Division.
  8. Elementary Test Prep Grade 4 Math. Comprehensive set of lessons and interactivities to learn math skills. (New York State)
  9. Estimating a Sum.  A quick way to estimate the sum of two numbers is to round each number and then add the rounded numbers. This probably won't be the exact answer but it may be close enough for some purposes.
  10. Fourth Grade Math Links.  This mega math site not only contains many great links, but they are organized in an easy-to-follow chart by units -- very well done.
  11. Fourth Grade Math Websites (Internet4Classroom).  One of the best sources for online activities, Internet4Classroom features links to games and learning sites that engage students in math.
  12. Fractions
    1. AAA Math:  Fractions
    2. A Tour of Fractions
    3. Balloon Pop Fractions
    4. Beginning Fractions
    5. Cool Math:  Fractions
    6. Equivalent Fractions
    7. Equivalent Fractions Match
    8. Fishy Fractions
    9. Fraction Addition & Subtraction
    10. Fractions to Decimals:  Fruit Splat Game
    11. Fraction to Decimal Conversion
    12. Fraction Flowers
    13. Fractions Model
    14. Fraction Switch
    15. Fraction Tutorial by Kids Online Resources
    16. Math League:  Fractions
    17. No Matter What Shape Your Fractions are In
    18. Shade In Fraction Squares
    19. Simple Fractions
    20. Tony's Fraction Pizza Shop
    21. That Quiz:  Fraction Inequality
    22. Visua7 Fractions
  13. Geometry
    1. 3D Earth Exploration
    2. Angle Activities
    3. Angle Game
    4. Angle Estimator
    5. Angles in Sports
    6. Geometric Shape Flashcards
    7. Identify Geometric Shapes
    8. Sorting Triangles
    9. What's My Angle?
  14. Graphing
    1. Create a Graph
    2. Bar Graph
    3. Circle Graph
    4. Pie Charts
    5. What's the Point:  Challenge your graphing skills
  15. Handling Data.  Links for:  interpreting data; Mean, media, mode; and probability.
  16. Math Fact Cafe.  Free printable math worksheets for elementary school and home use. This includes generators for math drills, flashcards, time, and money!
  17. Math Playground.  Practice your math skills with these fun and challenging games. There are action games, puzzles, and other learning activities. Concepts include basic math operations, algebra, percent, geometry, and money.
  18. Math Skill Builders.  Fun interactive sites recommended by Internet4Classrooms.
  19. Mathionaire.  Who wants to be a Mathionaire?
    1. Mathionaire Addition Quiz
    2. Mathionaire General Quiz
    3. Mathionaire Multiplication Quiz.
  20. Mental Math Drills.  Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  21. Measuring Activities
    1. Area Explorer
    2. Area and Perimeter
    3. Capacity - Soda Jerk
    4. Area and Perimeter
    5. Comparision Estimator
    6. Estimator
    7. Finding the Area and Perimeter of Rectangles
    8. Measuring Game:  To 1/4 Inch
    9. Measuring Game:  To 1/8 Inch
    10. More or Less Estimator
    11. Perimeter
    12. Perimeter Explorer
    13. Shape Explorer
  22. Multiplication/Division
    1. Division
    2. Divide Two Numbers
    3. Division Machine
    4. Division Facts
    5. Division Games
    6. Division Tunnel Blaster.
    7. Drag Race Division
    8. Moon Math:  Division
    9. Moon Math:  Multiplication
    10. Multiplication Grand Prix
    11. Multiplication Grid
    12. Multiplication Hidden Picture
    13. Multiplication Interactive Games
    14. Multiplication Tables
    15. Multiplication Tunnel Blaster
  23. Magic Number Square Game.  Fill in the square with numbers that equal the sums
  24. Order of Operations
    1. Order of Operations.  From Speedmath:  Multiply and divide first, from left to right and then add and subtract, from left to right.
    2. Order of Operations.  From Speedmath:  Multiply and divide first, from left to right and then add and subtract, from left to right.
    3. Order of Operations Game.  Now that you know the order of operations, have some fun applying your knowledge with this game
    4. Order of Operations Millionaire Game.  Now that you know the order of operations, have some fun applying your knowledge with this game
  25. Place Value
    1. Place Value Pirates
    2. Place Value Puzzler
  26. Probability Math Games.  Learn about and demonstrate proficiency in probability with fun colorful games.
  27. Rounding
    1. AAA Math:  Rounding
    2. Rounding Number Game
    3. HRounding:  Half Court Game
    4. Rounding Concentration Game
    5. Rounding Flashcards
    6. Rounding Games
    7. Soccer Match Rounding Game
  28. Speedmath Delux.  The goal  is to create an equation, as quickly as possible, from the four digits the computer gives you.  Make certain that you remember the order of operations!
  29. SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator.  Select the type of problem, the maximum and minimum numbers to be used in the problems, then click on the button!
  30. Tackle Math Ball.  Learn your math facts a fun way. This is a game in which students choose football teams and rumble down the field by identifying math facts.
  31. Two-step Computation.  You own a farm stand and must multiply and add to find costs of food
  32. Word Problems
    1. Math Hoops
    2. Math Word Problem Games
    3. Story Problems
    4. Word Problems for Kids
    5. Problem-Solving
    6. Word Problems with Leon
  33. Virtual Manipulative (Glencoe).  Learning mathematics requires student engagement. Use pull-down menus for grade level, background, and manipulative.
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Science Links for 4th Grade

  1. Adventures of Herman the Worm.  The autobiography of squirmin' Herman the worm.
  2. Animals
    1. A-Z Animal Profiles
    2. American Kennel Club (dogs)
    3. American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ASPCA)
    4. Animal Adaptations
    5. Animal Games
    6. Animal Habitats Interactive Quiz
    7. Animal Names
    8. Animal Planet
    9. Animals:  Creature Features
    10. Animals:  Lots of Fun Interactive Websites
    11. Animals of the World Games
    12. Animal Pictures:  National Geographic
    13. Electronic Facts Sheets on Over 50 Species
    14. Endangered:  Exploring a World at Risk
    15. Fish FAQ
    16. Frog Land
    17. Grizzly People
    18. Horse Breeds
    19. Infrared Zoo
    20. National Geographic Animal Facts
    21. National Geographic Animal Facts for Kids
    22. Planet Pets
    23. Print and Go:  Animal Coloring
    24. San Diego Zoo Animal Profiles
  3. Bow Wow Meow.  Thousands of Pet Names, Popularity, Meanings and Ratings.
  4. Earth:  Our World in Motion.  A comprehensive site on earth sciences from the American Museum of national history.
  5. Earth's Water.  As the saying goes ... "water, water, everywhere." Well, how much water is there; where is this water; how does it move around? This section of Water Science for Schools tells the story of where, how much, and in what forms water exists on Earth.
  6. Ecology
    1. Adventures in Waste and Recyling.  Web-based Lesson
    2. Adventures of the Garbage Gremlin.  This site explores issues of sustainability and environmentalism
    3. Ecology.  This site explores issues of sustainability and environmentalism
    4. Ecology - Green Games.  Nice set of links about ecology and going "green".
    5. Ecology - World's Shortest Comprehensive Recycling Guide.  This handy chart has everything you need to know.
    6. Ecosystems and Habitats:  StudyJams!.  On-line lesson, activities and quizzes
    7. Ecosystem Flashcards.  Another fun learning activty at Study Stack.
    8. Ecosystem Matching Game.  A memory game, "concentration" style, by Match the Memory.
    9. Meet the Greens.  Get kids thinking about the world and their place in it; video episodes on Ecology : from WGBH Educational Foundation and PBS
    10. Recycleroom.  Learn about ecology and recycling with Roscoe.
    11. What's Your Footprint?.  A carbon Calculator that measures how your footprint impacts the Earth.
  7. Electricity & Magnetism
    1. AC - DC: What's the Difference?  A simple explanation of the difference between these two types of electrical currents.
    2. Background information for Magnets.  Answers to questions about magnets and magnetism.
    3. Circuit Builder (FuseBox).  Learn about electricity by building electric curcuits. This interactive site has three levels.
    4. Electricity.  Watch cartoons, take quizzes, and try experiments to learn about electricity, batteries, static electricity, energy sources, thunderstorms, and atoms at BrainPop.
    5. Electricity and Magnetism.  A series of experiments about electricity and magnetism designed for fourth-graders.
    6. Electricity Games and Activities.  Good selection of links, all great for fourth graders.
    7. Electricity Games and Interactive Sites.  A large collection of links about electricity designed for fourth-graders.
    8. Electro-Matic Factory.  Learn about electricity with this fun game.   There are three skill levels to choose from.
    9. Exploratorium Science Snacks.  Activities and experiments to help you learn science. 
    10. Frankenstein's Lightning Laboratory.  Visit Dr. Frankenstein to learn about electrical safety, static electricity and fruity electricity.
    11. Magic of Static Electricity.  What causes static electricity?
    12. Scitched On Kids.  Collection of interactive sites about electricity, all designed for kids to enjoy and learn.
    13. What is Electricity?  Learn the basics of electricity and test your knowledge with the "Electrivia" quiz.
  8. Exploratorium.  The museum of science, art, and human perception.
  9. Extreme Science.  Here are the biggest, baddest, and the best in the world of extremes and learn about the science behind what makes each the most extreme example of its kind.
  10. Machines
    1. Classes of Levers.  Levers are probably the most common simple machine because just about anything that has a handle on it has a lever attached.  Learn more here.
    2. Inclined Planes.  An inclined plane is a slanted surface used to raise an object. A ramp is an inclined plane.  Learn more from BrainPop.
    3. Inventors Toolbox.  Get started with the basic tools that become machines.
    4. Machines and Technology Links by  Comprehensive set of interactive links for machines, robotics, and more.
    5. Machines by MIKIDS.  Simple machines make work easier for us by allowing us to push or pull over increased distances.
    6. Machines Make Life Easier!  Yes they do, find out how here.
    7. Marvelous Machines.  Here's a series of experiments about simple machines: levers, wheels and inclined planes.
    8. Simple Machines.  Click on any of the simple machines to learn more.
    9. Simple Machine Links (North Canton Schools).  A collection of information and interactive sites for kids.
    10. Simple Machine Linkss (White Oak Elementary).  A large set of links for kids and teachers about simple machines
    11. Simple and Compund Machines.  From School Toolbox, Learn how forces and simple machines can work together to create The Compound Machine.
  11. Matter
    1. Matter Match
    2. Matter Matching
    3. Matter:  Chem4Kids
    4. Phases of Matter:  Molecule Chamber
    5. Matter Sorter:  Use the arrow keys to direct dropping objects into the bucket matching their state of matter.
    6. Matter in Motion Vocabulary
    7. Measuring MatterAnother fun learning activity from BrainPop.
    8. States of MatterMatter is all around us. It is anything that takes up space. This fun interactive site teaches us about solids, liquids, and gases.
    9. States of Matter:  Harcourt Schools Publishers
    10. States of Matter Millionaire Game
    11. What is Matter
    12. Use this website, designed for 4th graders, to find out.
  12. Museum of Science and Industry
  13. Oceans
    1. Fisheye View Aquarium
    2. In Search of Giant Squid
    3. MarineBio Games for Kids
    4. Ocean Collection for Kids
    5. Ocean Virtual Field Trip
    6. Ocean World:  Links for Kids
    7. Oceanography Facts
    8. Oceanography Links for Kids
    9. Oceanography:  Science & Technology Focus
    10. Oceans Alive Games
    11. Planet Ocean
    12. Secrets of the Ocean Realm
    13. Secrets@Sea
  14. Plants
    1. 4-H Children's Garden Tour
    2. Alfy's Picks for Plants
    3. Beanstalk Project
    4. Biology of Plants
    5. Children's Garden Survey
    6. Design Your Own Tree
    7. Gardening for Kids
    8. Great Plant Escape:  Vocabulary
    9. How Did Plants Adapt to Dry Land?
    10. Life Cycles of Plants
    11. Plant Activities:  abcteach
    12. Plant and Flower Games
    13. Plant Parts
    14. Plant Parts and Functions
    15. Plants for Kids
    16. Plants Inside & Out
    17. Spring Wildflower Walk:  EEK
    18. Why Do Leaves Change Color in the Fall?
    19. Why Do Plants Have Flowers?
  15. Science Glossary: Fourth Grade. This site presents an image illustrating the term, and correct pronunciation of the term
  16. Science for Kids.  ARS' Sci4Kids (USDA): Bridging the gap between science, agriculture, and you.
  17. Scientific Method.  Quia makes learning fun.
  18. Scientific Method: Ordering.  Put the steps of the scientific method in proper order.
  19. Scientific Method for Kids.  Learning about the scientific method is almost like saying that you are learning how to learn.  It can be used to study anything from a leaf to a dog to the entire Universe.
  20. Volcanoes
    1. Blows its Top Game (Magic Schoolbus Volcano Adventure)
    2. BBC Newsround:  Volcanoes
    3. Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Plate Tectonics
    4. How Volcanoes Work
    5. How a Volcano Works:  K-12 links
    6. Lesson in Plate Tectonics
    7. Parts of a Volcano (printout)
    8. Shake, Rattle, and Slide:  The work of earthquakes, volcanoes, and glaciers.
    9. Types of Volcanoes
    10. Volcano Cam:  Mt. St. Helen
    11. Volcano Explorer
    12. Volcano!  Mountain of Fire
    13. Volcanoes And Land Formation
    14. Volcanoes and the Theory of Plate Tectonics
    15. Volcanoes:  Interactive
    16. Volcanoes Live
    17. Volcanoes of the World
    18. Volcanoes:  Quiz Wiz
    19. Volcanoes:  USGS
    20. Why Volcanoes Explode
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Social Studies Links for 4th Grade

  1. America's Civil War

    1. Civil War Timeline
    2. Weapons of the Civil War
    3. The Fighting (YouTube video, 7:67)
    4. The Soldier's Life (Includes video)
    5. Civil War Statistics (Note:  Scroll down, hot links on index do not work)
    6. The Civil War for Kids
    7. Peace: Healing the Nation
    8. Government of the Conferedate States of America
    9. Military Leaders during the Civil War
  2. Constitution for Kids
  3. Economics
    1. Economic Games
    2. Economics for Kids
    3. Economics Games Online
    4. Lemonade Game
    5. How Banks Word with Interactive Links
    6. US Mint For Kids:  Games
  4. Geography for Children
  5. Maps
    1. Animated Atlas
    2. How Are Flat Charts and Maps Made of Our Round Planet?
    3. How to Read a Map
    4. Latitude & Longitude
    5. Look-up Latitude and Longitude:  USA
    6. Map Games:  National Geographic
    7. Map Maker
    8. Map Match Games
    9. Map Symbols
    10. Maps and Map Skills for Kids
    11. Maps4Kids
    12. Oceana Map Match Game
    13. Online Map Games
    14. Reading Maps
    15. United States of America Map Game
    16. US Map Test
    17. Walk through the Continents:  Print Maps Large and Small
    18. World Map Match Game
  6. Wisconsin History
    1. Dictionary of Wisconsin History
    2. Facts About Wisconsin
    3. Frank Lloyd Wright
      1. Frank Lloyd Wright
      2. Wright in Wisconsin
    4. Laura Ingalls Wilder
    5. Odd Wisconsin
    6. Old World Wisconsin
    7. Paper Dolls
    8. Pronunciation Guide for Everything Wisconsin
    9. Timeline of Wisconsin History Since 1948
    10. Wisconsin Electronic Reader
    11. Wisconsin Firsts
    12. Wisconsin Folks:  Wisconsin Arts Board
    13. Wisconsin Historical Society:  History Portal
    14. Wisconsin Native American Tribes
    15. Wisconsin State Legislature
    16. Wisconsin State Symbols
    17. Wisconsin's Great Lakes Shipwrecks
  7. US Government
    1. America's Story from America's Library
    2. Census for Kids
    3. Constitution for Kids (Grades 4-7)
    4. Ben's Guide to US Government for Kids
    5. Congress for Kids
    6. Kids in the House
    7. US Government & Government Agencies Links
    8. US Government for Kids: Three Branches
    9. US Treasury for Kids Games
    10. US Treasury for Kids Games