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General Links for Kindergarten

  1. African Animal Maze Game.  Students will learn to recognize exotic animals from Africa while they use their computer mouse to move through mazes.
  2. Crickweb.  Many games hear including parts of the human body, colors, order, matching, and mouse skills.
  3. Farm Animal Games.  Many choices, kids learn to recognize animals while they play fun interactive games.
  4. Funbrain for Kindergartners.  Great collection of links here covering diverse skills including computer, colors, shapes, reading, math, and more.
  5. Jolly Penguin's Ice Cream Matching Game. Can you match names and colors of the Jolly Penguin's 27 delicious ice cream flavors?
  6.  Lots of good information and activities for K-5
  7. Kindergarten Internet Links.  A table of links organized by different topics and themes.
  8. Kindergarten Links (Cameron McKinley).  A large set of interactive links that kids will love and that teach typical Kindergarten curriculum.
  9. Kindergarten Links (Internet4Classrooms).  An graphically organized collection of links for various subjects - great site to share with kids.
  10. Kindergarten Resources.  This Web presents a variety of links organized by the following topics:  Alphabet, Phonics, Arts/Crafts/Music, Writing Practice, Subject Areas/Themes, Stories, Teacher Resources (Internet4Classrooms).
  11. Kindersite.  To many games here to describe.  There are lots and lots of fun choices and all common Kindergarten subjects are included.
  12. Knowledge Adventure.  This Kindergarten games are fun and team a variety of skills too.
  13. KinderWeb.  Interactive games where students practice matching, letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and learn different animals.  This site is completely audio so children can work at their own pace independently.
  14. Learn 21.  Learning plus fun equals Learn 21!  There's arts, music, and games here along
  15. Learning Planet:  Pre-K through Kindergarten.  Online resources for language and number skills and MORE!
  16. Little Fingers Parlor - Shockwave needed for these interactive Primary activities (requires Shockwave) with activities that include number skills, clock skills, ABC order skills and more. 
  17. Make Brushing Fun with Your Favorite Friends (Colgate).  Brushing your teeth has never been more fun!
  18. PBS KidsA variety of games here, different topics.
  19. Paint the Shapes.  An interactive game where students listen and follow directions to paint shapes different colors.
  20. Roller Coaster Builder.  This is a balance and motion game.  Students create a roller coaster and then see how it works -- will you have enough energy to complete the loop-the-loop?
  21. Sesame Street Games.  Lots of learning games here -- shapes, colors, matching, videos, and more.
  22. Shepard Software.  Great site, mouse over the games and hear what they are about.  There's colors, shapes, animals, letters, and numbers.
  23. Websites for Kindergarteners.  Web pages for Kindergarten students featuring links for Books & Authors, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts.
  24. What Can I do on a Computer - Click on any of the pictures to see oodles & gobs of terrific places you can go to learn more

Language & Reading Links for Kindergarten

  1. ABC Game.  Kids pick the object that starts with the letter shown at the top of each page.
  2. Alphabet Animal A to E.  Sunnie loves letters.  Sunnie also loves animals.  Help Sunnie learns her animal alphabet from A to E.
  3. Alphabet Animal F to J.  Help Sunnie learns her animal alphabet from F to J.
  4. Alphabet Animal K to O.  Help Sunnie learns her animal alphabet from K to O.
  5. Alphabet Animal P to T.  Help Sunnie learns her animal alphabet from P to T.
  6. Alphabet Animal U to Z.  Help Sunnie learns her animal alphabet from U to Z.
  7. Alphabet Zoo.  Reviews ABCs and alphabetical order with a fun, interactive game-style lesson.
  8. Bembo's Zoo.  An interactive alphabet site where you choose a letter, see the name of an animal that begins with that letter, and then the letters animate to make a picture of that animal.
  9. Children's Storybooks Online.  Stories for kids of all ages from young children, older children, and even young adults. 
  10. Clifford the Big Red Dog Letter Match Activity.  This interactive site teaches letters and phonics.
  11. Clifford the Big Red Dog Sound Match Activity.  A site that kids will love to use to learn phonics.
  12. Create a Reader.  Resources for pre-school and Kindergarten students to teach and review letters, sounds, numbers.  Includes worksheet pages for individual letters, telling time, rhyming, homophones, and more.
  13. Database of Award-Winning Children's Literature.  The purpose of this database is to create a tailored reading list of quality children's literature or to find out if a book has won one of the indexed awards.
  14. Dolch Word Site.  Dolch word lists and activities pre-K through 3rd grade.  Great site for teachers and students, includes PowerPoint "flash cards."
  15. Elmo's Keyboard-O-Rama.  One of the Sesame Street interactive games - Elmo learn letters and more.
  16. Gus & Inky's Underwater Adventure, Chapter 1.  This game consists of an animation where students are asked to interact and play along.
  17. Gus & Inky's Underwater Adventure, Chapter 2 -- Rhyme Time.  Another game consists of an animation where students are asked to interact and play along.
  18. Kindergarten and Phonics.  A HUGE set of links to Webs that use audio and graphics to help kids learn phonics (Internet4Classrooms).
  19. Kindergarten and Phonics.  A HUGE set of links to Webs that use audio and graphics to help kids learn phonics (Internet4Classrooms).
  20. Kindergarten Language Arts Skill Builders.  A large collection of sites carefully chosen by Internet4Classrooms to cover math skills introduced in Kindergarten.
  21. Kindergarten Literacy Links.  Large selection of online activities to support language and reading skills.
  22. Kindergarten Literacy Support.  Helpful set of links to help children build language and reading skills.
  23. Kindergarten Phonics.  This is a large collection of links to teach and review phonics with children.
  24. Kindergarten Resources for Alphabet Recognition.  A collection of links to teach kids their ABCs.
  25. Learn to Read at Starfall.  Primarily designed for first grade, is also useful for pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and second grade.
  26. Picture Match.  Interactive site that reviews beginning-letter sounds, short vowel sounds, and long vowel sounds.
  27. Play and Learn English Games.  Links for upper & lower case letters, words, keyboard, shapes, numbres, and colors.
  28. Reggie the Rhyming Rhino.   From scholastic - fun way to review rhymes.
  29. SStarfall:  Kindergarten Games.  Learn to recognize letters, say their names, and hear the sounds they represent.  You can even learn sign language!
  30. StoryPlace:  The Children's Digital Library.  Explore the many pages were with stories and activities for young children with varying skills and needs.
  31. What's in the Bag?  Fun animated sight that uses audio speech and graphics to teach words in a fun guessing-game format.
  32. Writing Guide.  Watch Spinner, the Writing Spider, actually draw the letters of the alphabet. He's a good and tireless model to follow!

Math Links for Kindergarten

  1. 123 Count on It!  Kindergarten.  Fun games for typical math skills taught in Kindergarten.
  2. AAA Math:  Kindergarten.  Lots of interactive arithmetic lessons here that provide unlimited practice.
  3. Adding Two Dice.  Roll the dice and add them up by counting the spots you see on each.
  4. Alien Line Up.  Listen to the narration and use your computer mouse to put the aliens in line based on their line order.
  5. Animal Farm Game.  This game shows students farm animals and asks them to click to pick them out from the mix. As they click, the games counts the animals that they pick correctly.
  6. Bunny Count.  Kids learn numbers, counting, and matching charagers with these interactive links that support different skill levels.
  7. Down on the Farm 1.  Can you help farmer RumTum count his things in time for lunch (1-5)
  8. Down on the Farm 2.  Can you help farmer RumTum count and sort his things in time for lunch (1-5)
  9. Down on the Farm 3.  Can you help farmer RumTum count his things in time for lunch (1-10)
  10. Down on the Farm 4.  Can you help farmer RumTum count and sort his things in time for lunch (1-10)
  11. eManipulatives.  From Houghton Mifflin, links for Counters, Coins and Bills, Connecting Cubes, Number Line, and Hundred Chart.
  12. Gingerbread Man Game.   You'll find fun here including counting, matching and ordering numbers games aimed at children who are learning to count and recognise the numbers and number words up to 10.
  13. Greater Than/ Less Than.   Whole class activity on practicing this concept.
  14. IXL Kindergarten Math.  Here is a list of all of the math skills students learn in kindergarten! These skills are organized into categories, and you can move your mouse over any skill name to view a sample question.
  15. Kidzone Math.  A great set of online resources, includes links to interactive sites, printable worksheets, and more.
  16. Kindergarten Math.  This link display search results for kindergarten math lessons - many good sites here.
  17. Kindergarten Math Skill Builders.  From Internet4classrooms, here's a collection of math links.
  18. Kindergarten Math Links.  A large selection of sights to help kids learn math.
  19. Ladybird Spots.  This game includes includes counting, matching and ordering numbers games aimed at children who are learning to count and recognize the numbers and number words up to 10.
  20. Math Advantage.  From Harcourt School Publishers, here's some interactive sites to help kids with Kindergarten math curriculum.
  21. Math Cats (Games May Require ShockWave).  Math Cats tries to create a series of creative, open-ended math exploration resources.  Kids will love this interactive approach.
  22. Number Baloons.  Count and then pop the balloons as fast as you can! Be sure to match the balloon you pop with the number on the pin.
  23. Number Game.  Students read the number word and pick the number that matches. This game has 10 questions.
  24. Sorting Pumpkins.  Here's a wonderful site for beginning mouse skill drills taht also teachers patterns, size, and colors by having students move pumpkins into groupings. Great Halloween fun!
  25. Squigly's Apples.  This site reviews ordinal numbers with an interactive game.
  26. Teddy Count.  Choose how high you want to count and then start giving the bear cupcakes and check how you did. Yumy!
  27. Underwater Counting.  This game takes you on a treasure hunt where children are challenged to find the treasure by achieving ten correct answers. You can choose 2 levels of play.
  28. Virtual Manipulatives.  Covers all Topics (NCTM standards for grades Pre-K - 2. From the National Library of Virtual Manipulavites.