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Third Grade LinksHealth Links for 3rd Grade

  1. Third to Sixth Grade Health Interactives.  This site has many links, organized by health, safety, nutrition, the human body, mental health, respect, and media.
  2. Breakfast Detective.  The clues are right here.  Can you meet the challenge?
  3. Children With Diabetes.  An online community for kids, families, and people with diabetes.
  4. Health Games.  Nice directory of links here for:  Allergies Body Parts, Dental, and Staying Fit.  All are kid-friendly and fun.
  5. FDA FDA Kids Homepage.  A site by the Food and Drug Administration - eat healthy and be active for a healthy future.
  6. Food Safety at Home, School and When Eating Out (.pdf).   An Activity Book for You to Color.
  7. Food Safety Coloring Books (.pdf).  Food Safety at Home, School and When Eating Out.
  8. Human Body Facts Here's an entire lesson for kids about the human body. It includes a print-guide too.
  9. Human Body, Human Body Information, Facts, News, Photos (National Geographic).  Great resources for health and biology lessons.
  10. KidsHealth.  A popular online site, from the health experts from Nemours.
  11. Seeing Disabilities from a Different Perspective.  (Through Your Childre's Eyes)  This site offers a new way of looking at disABILITIES, focusing not on the disability, but on the ability.
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Language Arts Links for 3rd Grade

  1. Amazing Vocabulary Machine!  Practice adjectives <-> adverbs
  2. Analogies.  "Analogy" is a term that means "word relationships." Analogies are like a word puzzle. Solving analogies helps you develop critical thinking skills.
  3. Authors Purpose.  Here's some short passages to read and decide:   Is the author trying to entertain, persuade or convince, inform or teach.
  4. Awesome Analogies.  A fun challenge, score points by answering questions correctly.
  5. Book Adventure:  Find a Book.  If you're not sure what book you're looking for, we can help you find a book that's right for you.
  6. Bright Ideas for Writing.  Fun site - click on the links for GRADES 3-5.
  7. Children's Storybooks Online.  Illustrated children's stories
    for kids of all ages.
  8. Compare & Contrast Predictions
    1. A Fishy Story.  Read story online, then answer questions in Word or Works, or on paper.
    2. Compare and Contrast Characters.  This interactive site demonstrates how we can enjoy reading with by comparing and contrasting characters in a story.
    3. Dig It!  Interactive story predicting the outcome.
    4. Compare and Contrast WebQuest.  Mother Goose has been told that all of her fairytales and rhymes are too old. She is looking for boys and girls to help her rewrite a few of her old stories into newer or modern ones.
    5. Compare and Contrast With Venn Diagrams.  Sometimes called, "double-bubbles", this website explains how to use an important organization tool
    6. Practice Compare/Contrast With Venn Diagrams.  Now that you have learned about two different characters in the same story, let's practice comparing and contrasting two different characters in two different stories
  9. Compound Words
    1. Compound Word Flashcards, Matching, and Concentration Games.  Try each of the there compound word games here.
    2. Compound Word Game (Drag and Drop).  Drag words to other side to create compound words.
    3. Compound Word Games.  This site has 6 game links to review compound words
    4. Compound Word Matching Game.  Snap the word blocks together to make compount words.
    5. Making Compound Words.  This is a vocabulary lesson that finishes with 4 games using compound words.
  10. Database of Award-Winning Children's Literature.  The purpose of this database is to create a tailored reading list of quality children's literature or to find out if a book has won one of the indexed awards.
  11. Reading Comprehension Stories.  Interactive quizzes online for 2 stories.
  12. Reading Comprehension Activities (Internet4Classrooms).  A variety of good links here to build reading and comprehension skills.
  13. Reading Exercises.  Comprehension, fill in and sequencing.
  14. Contractions
    1. Contractions.  Match game.
    2. Contractions.  Another match game.
    3. Contraction Games.  Six more great links to online games to learn and practice contractions.
    4. CGrab It! Contraction Game.  Watch the words fall and click on the correct contractions to catch them.
    5. Fly By Contraction Practice.  Find the correct airplane to match with the contraction.
  15. Crosswords Puzzles
    1. Compound crossword
    2. Suffix crossword -er -or- ist
    3. Suffix crossword -ful, -ly, -tion, -sion
    4. Words with Ch-, Sh-, Th- crossword
    5. Words with KN, WR, ST, or MB crossword
    6. Words with ch- crossword
    7. Words with sh- crossword
    8. Words with st- crossword
    9. Words with sw- crossword
    10. Words with tr- crossword
    11. Words with wh- crossword
    12. Words with nd, ng, nk- crossword
    13. Words with s, es crossword
    14. Words with long a- crossword
    15. Words with long e- crossword
    16. Words with short e- crossword
    17. Words with longi- crossword
    18. Words with longo- crossword
    19. Words with oo- crossword
  16. Cursive Writing.  Activities to help write in the cursive style
  17. Elementary Test Prep Grade 3 Language Arts (New York State).  Comprehensive set of lessons and activities.
  18. Expository Writing for Third Graders.  An expository writing is meant to inform the reader.  Learn more here.
  19. Giggle Poetry.  Hundreds of poems to read and rate.
  20. Grammar
    1. Choosing Good or Well.  Print off worksheet or let them work in groups orally writing down their answers. Circle the correct word to complete each sentence
    2. Grammar Blast.  The most fun grammar site on the 'net.
    3. Parts of Speech.  Noun, verb, preposition, etc. (interactive quizzes)
    4. Parts of Speech Quiz.  Select correct part of speech
    5. Punctuation Paintball.  Pick a level. Click on the correct punctuation then click on the part of the sentence that needs changing and fire!
    6. Road to Grammar.  Choose a topic on the left and click START.
    7. Whaddaya know?  Quiz game with many topics to choose.
    8. Word Viper.  Choose correct verb tenses,recognize correct verb forms, and recognize subject/verb agreement. Arcade type game.
  21. Interactive Story Map.  Creating stories with graphics organizers.
  22. Irregular Plurals
    1. Irregular Plurals.  Match the related words, singular to plural
    2. Irregular Plurals.  Another match related words, oes, os
    3. Plural Nouns.  Add s or es
    4. Irregular Noun Plurals.  Interactive quizzes
  23. Language Skill Builders.  Interactive sites recommended by Internet4Classrooms.
  24. Letter Generator.  Learn the parts of a letter while having fun.
  25. Main Idea Mini Lesson.  Followed by interactive quizzes.
  26. Main Idea practice.  Eight online interactive quizzes on Main Idea.
  27. Stories.  Animated stories to be read online.
  28. Pick-a-Word Quiz.  Fun interactive game, you choose.
  29. Poem Generators
    1. Poem Generator (Autobiographical)
    2. Poem Generator (Biographical)
    3. Poem Generator (Halloween")
    4. Poem Generator (Holidays)
    5. Poem Generator ("I am a...")
    6. Poem Generator ("If I were president...")
    7. Poem Generator (Mothers Day)
    8. Poem Generator (Thanksgiving)
    9. Poem Generator (When I am 100 years old...")
  30. Proofreading Makes Perfect.  Checking your own writing can be fun - let's show you how.
  31. Popular Third Grade Books.  GoodReads is a great web resource for readers of any age. You can find book suggestions and reviews by readers just like yourself.
  32. Punctuation Paintball.  Select your level and let the fun begin.
  33. Read, Write, Think Aloud Student Materials Index.  Wonderful set of resources from one of the best language arts sites on the 'net.
  34. Reading Comprehension Links, Grades 3-5. This is a massive collection of interactive resources to help studnents better-understand what they read.
  35. Rhyme Zone.  Finding words that rhyme is fun with this interactive rhyming dictionary and thesaurus.
  36. Sentence Structure
    1. Parts of a Sentence.  Select naming part or telling part (subject/predicate).
    2. English Eggs.  Put the words in order to create a sentence.
    3. Penguins on Ice.  Make a Sentence - Choose Make a Sentence and put the penguins in correct order to create a sentence.
    4. Rags to Riches.  Follow directions and remember, the subject is who or what the sentence is about and the predicate is the verb in the sentence.
    5. Simple and Compound Sentences.  Choose the correct answer by clicking in the bubble.
    6. Types of Sentences.  Learn to write different types of sentences with QUIA.
  37. Sequencing.  Number the pictures in the correct order.
  38. Sequencing.  Read story and answer questions about the order.
  39. Sequencing Lesson and Exercise.  Read and put the pictures in sequence.
  40. Sequence the Story.  Drag the pictures in the correct order - Students can have the story read to them if necessary.
  41. Spelling
    1. Alien Scavenger Hunt: Letter Bugs.  Use the mouse to click on letters that make up the word you hear. From Game Goo (learning that sticks)
    2. Alien Scavenger Hunt: Space Trash.  Use the mouse to click on letters that make up the word you hear. From Game Goo (learning that sticks)
    3. Fearless Frieda.  Use the keyboard to spell the words Frieda says. Three letter words on level one, four letter words on level 2. - From Game Goo (learning that sticks)
    4. Fearless Frieda the Big Kahuna.  Use the keyboard to spell the words Frieda says. Frieda starts with four letter words in this game. - From Game Goo (learning that sticks)
    5. Spell Check.  TCAP format - select word that is spelled incorrectly
    6. Spell words.  Drag letters to create word
    7. Spelling.  Put the letters in order to create the word that is said aloud
    8. Spelling.  Click on the misspelled word and then correct it. (for different words and spelling activities, check here)
    9. Spelling 1.  Interactive, multiple choice fun.
    10. Spelling 2.  More interactive, multiple choice fun.
    11. Spelling 3.  Even more interactive, multiple choice fun.
    12. Spelling Bee.  There are three levels, compete against yourself and master spelling!
    13. Spin and Spell.  Click on the word you wish to spell then click on the letters on the spinning wheel. Click submit to check spellings.
  42. Story Writing Help.  A great set of links to get the writing process started, by QUIA.
  43. Suffix/Prefix
    1. Suffix Practice.  More practice on s/es and ed/ing.
    2. Prefixes Say Plenty.  A short slide show followed by an interactive quiz.
    3. Suffixes say Plenty.  A short slide show followed by an interactive quiz.
    4. Create a New Word.  Add prefix and suffix to words.
  44. Synonyms/Homonyms/ Antonyms
    1. A Feast of Homonyms.  Match game.
    2. Homonyms.  Fun activity from Fun Brain.
    3. Homophone Challenge.  Find correct word to complete sentence.
    4. Homophone Match Game.  Find matches of homophones.
    5. Homophone Quiz - Online self checking quiz.
    6. Homonym Worksheet.  Printable worksheets from RHL School.
    7. Synonyms and Antonyms.  Concentration style game
    8. Synonym Study.  Graded practice on synonyms 
    9. Tooth Tally with Squanky the Tooth Taker.  From Game Goo (learning that sticks)
    10. Writing a Descriptive Paragraph (4rd Grade [.pdf]).  Use this graphic organizer organize writinge descriptions.
    11. Word Balloons.  Find the synonyms in the balloons and reach the unicorn.
    12. Word Frog.  Find the antonyms. Use your space bar to eat the antonyms and your arrow keys to position the frog's mouth. Arcade type game
  45. Vowel Phonemes.  What's the Pattern? - Click on the game What's the pattern. Select the correct vowel phoneme to complete the word.
  46. Word Builder.  Use the letters to form words.
  47. Word Family Sort.  Enter your name and click "Begin" to get started.
  48. Writing a Descriptive Paragraph (3rd Grade)
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Math Links for 3rd Grade

  1. 123 Count on It!  Third Grade.  Fun games for typical math skills taught in third grade.
  2. AAA Math:  3rd Grade Topics
  3. AAA Ask Dr. Math:  Elementary Archive.  Browse the questions from kids and Dr. Math's answers
  4. Angles
    1. Angles Game
    2. Angle Shapes:  Protractor
    3. Banana Hunt
    4. Clown Clear Up:  Burst the Balloons
    5. Guess the Random Angle
    6. Hitting the Target:  Learn Angles Through Sports
    7. Kung Fu Angles:  Guess the Angles
    8. Throw the Banana
    9. What's My Angle?
  5. Aunty Math.  Met Aunt Mathilda Mathews here.  She just loves math, maybe because the word math is in her first and her last name!
  6. Area and Perimeter.  Everything you would want to know, just click a shape to get started.
  7. Area Explorer, Perimeter Explorer, and Compare Area & Perimeter.  Take the challenge and make learning fun.
  8. Bugs In The System.  The cybrary has been infected with icky bugs.  Please help clean it out by grabbing the bugs to make a graph (PBS).
  9. Change Maker.  Practice counting money and making change. You may want to have some paper and a pencil handy.
  10. Coordinates
    1. Billy Bug and His Quest for Grub
    2. Billy Bug 2 and His ALL NEW Quest for Grub
    3. Bike Route
    4. Coordinate Game
  11. Crack Hacker's Safe.  Help open the safe! (PBS)
  12. Elementary Test Prep Grade 3 Math.  Comprehensive set of lessons and interactivities to learn math skills.  (New York State)
  13. Interactive Flashcard Games
    1. Flashcards (Addition).  How fast are you at addition facts?  Try this interactive game and find out.(APlusmath).
    2. Flashcards (Subtraction).  How fast are you at subtraction facts?   Try this interactive game and find out.(APlusmath).
    3. Flashcards (Multiplication).  How fast are you at subtraction facts?   Try this interactive game and find out.(APlusmath).
    4. Flashcards (Division).  How fast are you at subtraction facts?   Try this interactive game and find out.(APlusmath).
    5. Combined Flashcards.  Check yourself with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and addition. Select the types of problems you want to practice and then press the Start button (APlusmath).
    6. Advanced Flashcards (Bigger numbers).  This game reviews addition, subtraction multiplication, and division but with larger numbers than the above links (APlusmath).
    7. Flashcars with Negative Numbers.  This game reviews addition, subtraction multiplication, and division but with negative numbers too (APlusmath).
  14. Fractions
    1. Fraction Flags Halves. Practice painting creative flags while learning about halves.
    2. Fraction Flag Thirds. Practice painting creative flags while learning about thirds.
    3. Fraction Paint (Fourths)). Fraction Paint 2x2 square.
    4. Fraction Paint (Ninths). Fraction Paint 3x3 square.
    5. Fraction Paint (Sixteenths). Fraction Paint 4x4 square.
    6. Fraction Paint (Twenty Fifths). Fraction Paint 5x5 square
    7. Fraction Paint (Thirty Sixths). Fraction Paint 6x6 square
    8. Frog Palace.  Place Value and Decimals
  15. Hidden Pictures Math Reviews
    1. Hidden Pictures (Addition).  Practice your addition skills and see the hidden picture. (APlusmath)
    2. Hidden Pictures (Subtraction).  Practice your subtraction skills and see the hidden picture. (APlusmath)
    3. Hidden Pictures (Multiplication).  Practice your multiplication skills and see the hidden picture.  (APlusmath)
    4. Hidden Pictures (Division).  Practice your multiplication skills and see the hidden picture.  (APlusmath)
  16. Interactive Manipulatives
    1. Area & Perimeter
    2. Fractions
    3. Interactive clock (great for elapsed time!)
    4. Interactive spinner
    5. Fractions
    6. Make your own graph
    7. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives 
    8. Pythagorean Theorem
    9. Value of Pi
    10. Venn Diagram
    11. Virtual Dice - 6, 8, 10 or 12 faces
    12. Virtual Manipulatives
  17. Kidport.  Click on Grade 3 to find a lot of subjects to learn about. Have paper and pencil handy to help with the harder addition and subtraction problems that you will find when you click on math.
  18. Math-A-Rama.  A complete math course by Houghton Mifflin.
  19. Math Baseball.  Score runs with your math skills. Choose your own level to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  20. Math Brain.  Practice all of your math facts! Can you beat all 25 games?
  21. Math Cats Story Problems.  Practice solving story problems.
  22. Math Hunt.  Let's scour the 'net and find science and social studies information and numbers to help us learn math.
  23. Math Magician.  Choose addition, subtraction, multiplication, and/or division and let the magic begin.
  24. Math Skill Builders.  Fun interactive sites recommended by Internet4Classrooms.
  25. Mathcar Racing.  Gear up your math skills and win the race. This is a site that practices addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  26. Number Cracker.  Help Mr. Cracker get the secret code before the evil Professor Soup catches him by guessing what number comes next in a series of numbers.
  27. Number Machine.  Can you beat Hacker and his amazing number machine and make sense of his numbers? (PBS)
  28. Operation Order.  Help Tortisaurus finish building his stone pyramid.You will be shown 3 numbers and an equation. Type in the correct number in the correct place to complete the equation.
  29. Pattern Mania.  Look at the pattern and decide what comes next. Click on a picture to complete the pattern.
  30. Power Football.  Kicking field goals requires brains. Choose your own level to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  31. Shape Surveyor Geometry Game.  Play perimeters and/or areas by picking a level and hitingt "Start Digging".
  32. Spaceship Builder.  Learn perimeter and area by building a cyber spaceship (PBS).
  33. SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator.  Select the type of problem, the maximum and minimum numbers to be used in the problems, then click on the button!
  34. Symmetry
    1. Lines of Symmetry
    2. Lines of Symmetry Game
    3. Rotational Symmetry
    4. Symmetry Artist
    5. Symmetry Game
    6. Symmetry Matching
    7. Symmetry Puzzle Game
    8. Symmetry Sort
  35. Third Grade Math Websites.  Here's a large collection of links to support concepts typically taught in 3rd-grade math classes.
  36. Third Grade Math Websites (Internet4Classrooms).  Another comprehensive collection of math resources.
  37. Tic Tac Toe Squares.  Get three in a row to prove all that you know. This site practices addition and subtraction with regrouping.
  38. Venn & Carroll Diagrams
    1. Venn Diagram
    2. Venn Diagram: &2 Circle & 3 Circle
    3. Venn Diagram Game
    4. Venn Diagram Interactive
  39. Virtual Manipulative (Glencoe).  Learning mathematics requires student engagement. Use pull-down menus for grade level, background, and manipulative.
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Science Links for 3rd Grade

  1. Biomes
    1. Biomes of the Word.  Pick a biome or ecosystem and learn more.
    2. Biome Mission.  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a different part of the world? What would the weather be like? What kinds of animals would you see? Which plants live there? By investigating these questions, you are learning about biomes.
    3. Build Your Own Online Biome.  Mouse over the elements you want to add to your biome and watch the compatability meter.
    4. Free Biome Games & Activities.  Nice set of learning links and games, all about biomes.
    5. More Interactive Biome Sites.  This is a large collection of additional sites to have fun learning about biomes
    6. World Biomes.  Click on a Biome to Learn More.
  2. Case of the Mystery Matter.  You have just been hired as a Private Investigator for the GRAY MATTER DETECTIVE AGENCY. The twin owners, Identify Matter and Classify Matter, need you to help them crack, "The Case of the Mystery Matter".
  3. Food Chain Game.  Drag the parts of the food chain in their correct place.   When the chain is complete, you can watch the food chain in action!
  4. Food Chain Movies.  Learn about food chains and how they combine to form complex food pyramids.
  5. Food Group Game.  Drag each food into the group it best fists.
  6. Habitat Matchup (Magic Schoolbus).  An animal's habitat is its home.   Not all animals can adapt to change. Place this fun game to learn about animal habitats
  7. How We See Things.  A wonderful interactive sight about light.
  8. Insects and Bugs.  Use these links to learn more.
  9. Let's Talk About Insects.  Learn about insects.  Available in English and Spanish.
  10. Light and Sound Matching Game.  A fun interactive game by Quia.
  11. Magic School Bus Games.  Compantion website of interactives for the Magic School Bus book series.
  12. Maze Craze.  A Magic School Bus adventure.  Use your arrow keys to collect all the plants and animals that have escaped from their environments.
  13. Plants
    1. Dr. Arbor Talks Trees
    2. Exploring the Secret Life of Trees
    3. Great Corn Adventure
    4. The Great Plant Escape.
    5. Plants-Life Cycle
    6. What is the lifecycle of a plant
  14. Rocks
    1. Rock Cycles.  Sure, rocks are kewl, but how much do you really know about them?
    2. Rock Hounds.  Get your hard hats on and let's go digging for some fun and facts!
    3. Rock, Minerals, and Soils.  Learn about rocks, minerals & soils as you complete a variety of interesting experiments with this fun, interactive activity.
  15. Save the Egg.  Play the March of the Penguins, Save the Egg game.
  16. Schools Science Clips: Ages 7-8.  Great activities and multimedia to learn about science, from the BBC.
  17. Science Glossary:  Third Grade.  This site presents an image illustrating the term, and correct pronunciation of the term
  18. Science Lab.  Select a topic, includes:  atoms, cells, earthquakes, food chains, gravity,. human body, matter, photosynthesis, solar system, sound, vision, volcanoes, and weather.
  19. Science Vocabulary Hangman.  The computer will randomly pick a term used in science. Discover the word the computer has picked by guessing which letters are in it.
  20. Space
    1. Amazing Space.  This NASA site uses the Hubble Space Telescope's discoveries to inspire and educate about the wonders of our universe.
    2. Moon Challenge.  The goal is to drag moons to their places in lunar cycles.
    3. Moon Match.  Put the moon phases in correct order.
    4. Moon Phases Animation.  Check out this animated multimedia about the phases of the moon.
    5. Moon Phases.  Travel through space and time to learn the many faces of the moon and to answer important questions like: Is the moon really made of cheese?
    6. Moon Phases.  Travel through space and time to learn the many faces of the moon and to answer important questions like: Is the moon really made of cheese?
    7. NASA Kids Club.  The official space site from America's space administration.
    8. Space Chase (Magic Schoolbus).  Blast off in the Magic School bus and learn about space.
    9. Spaces Place.  Come on in and check out our games, animations, projects, and fun facts about Earth, space and technology.
  21. Stop Disasters!  A disaster simulation - oh what fun!
  22. Switch Zoo.  Kids from over 150 countries make new animals and play animal games at Switch Zoo!
  23. The Dirt on Soil.  What’s the difference between soil and dirt?Dirt is what you find under your fingernails. Soil is what you find under your feet.
  24. The Great Habitat Match-Up.  Learn about endangered species and their habitats by playing The Great Habitat Match-Up game.
  25. Volcano Cam.  Look into the Mt. St. Helen volcano - KEWL!
  26. Walk in the WoodsAn virtual tour of a woodland, by University of Illinois - also available in Spanish.
  27. Water Cycles
    1. Droplet and the Water Cycle
    2. Clouds, Condensation, Evaporation, and the Water Cycle
    3. Thirstin's Water Cycle
    4. The Water Cycle
    5. The Water Cycle StudyJam
    6. Water Cycle Game
  28. Weather
    1. Adventures of Weatherlizard.  Become an official weather expert by answering Liz the Weatherlizard’s questions about these raging storms.
    2. Hurricane: Storm Science.  Everything you would want to know about hurricanes.
    3. Weather Games.  There's lots of fun links here, all about the weather.
    4. Weather Games (TurtleDiary).  Six great interactive weather games.
    5. Weather Wiz Kids.  This website helps kids learn more about the fascinating world of weather
    6. Wild Wild Weather: Clouds.  Clouds are water. Either small liquid water drops or tiny pieces of ice.  Learn more with Dan.
    7. Wild Wild Weather: Quizzes. Are you ready?  Check yourself with Dan's weather quizzes.
    8. Wild Wild Weather: Tornadoes.  Why do some thunderstorms produce violent tornadoes while most do not? The answer is related to the wind.  Learn more with Dan.
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Social Studies Links for 3rd Grade

  1. All Star River Explorers Hall of Fame
  2. Black History 101.  Here's an online scavenger hunt with links to help kids learn the answers.
  3. City Creator.  Choose a city from the selection on the right, and click the corresponding 'build' button to begin.
  4. Civics and Government.  A large collection of information from Scholastic.
  5. Constitution for Kids.  The law is the set of rules that we live by. The Constitution is the highest law.
  6. Copycat Continents.  Learn the continents with this great game from National Geographic.
  7. Elementary Test Prep Grade 3 Social Studies.  A comprehensive set of links to support New York state's academic standards.
  8. Geography Quizzes.  Check what you know and what you are learning.
  9. Geography Test.  Interactive self-check. What do you know about geography?
  10. GeoNet.  Learning with games is fun - try this one.
  11. GeoSpy. The GeoSpy Agency needs your help and geography knowledge.
  12. Go West with Lewis and Clark.  Wild rivers. Rugged mountains. An unknown continent to explore. This great American expedition will face them all. And they need your help on this incredible adventure.
  13.  Lots of good information and activities for K-5
  14. Maps & States Games.  Fun collection of links to learn about America and more!
  15. Martin Luther King TimelineDr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was
    a very brave man and he was very important too.  This site was created by kids with KidsPics.
  16. My Imaginary City.  Artists use their imaginations to create scenes and places that are not real and that might never exist. If you could invent your own imaginary city what would it be like?
  17. Native American
    1. Mr. B's Native American Heritage.  By this Webmaster, resources created and maintained for Madison's VOICES newspaper.
    2. Native American Facts for Kids.  Resources on American Indians for Children and Teachers
    3. Native American Legends.  Native American stories and folklore.
    4. Native American Lore Index Page.  Learn about the lives of Native Americans and their culture through the stories they share.
    5. Native American Resources for Kids.  A large collection of links about Native American tribes and cultures.
  18. Traveling with Tall Tales.  Start packing because you are about to travel across the United States!
  19. Underground Railroad Resources for KidsThis is a pretty comprehensive set of resources about the Underground Railroad.
  20. U.S. Presidents:  Wayback - The Secret History.  A fun interactive site to help kids learn about our nation's presidents.
  21. U.S. SymbolsGreat set of links for American symbols designed for third graders.
  22. Wisconsin Historical Society:  History Portal.  Great collection of resources that will tell you anything about the Badger State's past.
  23. World AtlasAvailable in both English and Spanish.
  24. You Are The Historian:  The First ThanksgivingApply the investigation process and discover history.  Note:  In November, this site can be very busy - you can download this activity and run off a local computer/hard-drive.
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